Is there a process for creating content?

Funny you should ask, because there is! And these days, for businesses, both small and large, content creation is central to help improve online brand awareness. More importantly though, putting a process in place to plan, create and manage content is crucial, especially for the small business owner who doesn’t have time to waste staring … More Is there a process for creating content?

How content creation will change by 2025

Content marketing would be much easier if it somehow existed in a vacuum, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately, however, content marketing does not exist in a vacuum. It is constantly being shaped and forced to evolve with new technologies, new platforms and increasing online noise and consumer demands.

The only way to stay effective as a content advertiser is to proactively anticipate these changes and adapt your strategy to suit them. The next five years should be interesting, challenging and exciting for content creators, strategists and marketers everywhere. … More How content creation will change by 2025

What’s the story morning glory?

These days, if you have a business, any kind of business, it’s all about your story. Telling a story to inspire trust, build your brand and giving potential customers or clients a compelling reason to buy from you. But’s what’s your story?

Your business’s story comes not primarily from the why but the how and what. How you decided to start your business and what journey have you been on to get where you are today. … More What’s the story morning glory?