Purpose, it’s that little flame …

Whether you’re in business, or not, do you ever feel that everyone else knows where they are going, yet you feel like you’re constantly floundering, treading water and not getting any further?

How do you know that when you put one foot in front of the other, you are actually moving towards your goal and not just back round in a circle?

What do you need to do to break free and start moving forwards?

You need to ‘find your why’. … More Purpose, it’s that little flame …

What’s the story morning glory?

These days, if you have a business, any kind of business, it’s all about your story. Telling a story to inspire trust, build your brand and giving potential customers or clients a compelling reason to buy from you. But’s what’s your story?

Your business’s story comes not primarily from the why but the how and what. How you decided to start your business and what journey have you been on to get where you are today. … More What’s the story morning glory?