Why every business needs a blog

Blogs are not new to the business world, yet many business owners are still unaware of the value they can gain by opening a business blog. They don’t believe a blog will bring them value, much less ROI.

But, in today’s business environment, it’s not easy to succeed without one.

New ideas, products and services appear every day, competition is growing and the market is increasingly saturated. Customers and clients are becoming more demanding. They want to make a more meaningful connection with the brands where they will leave their money. They also want two-way communication and feedback, as well as answers to their many questions, but often do not get it and turn to social networks and forums to find out everything that interests them.

That’s where a business blog comes in

When blogs first appeared on the internet they were mostly reserved for writers, journalists and individuals who needed, or wanted, to keep their diary online, and share it with anyone who wanted to quote it.

But over the intervening years, blogs have evolved from personal diaries to bona fide marketing channels that, if used properly, can bring incredible benefits to any business.

If you think about it, even as recently as 15 years ago, many businesses wondered if they really needed a website. Today, that’s unthinkable. A website for your business is vital, even if it is just filled with basic information.

But what is it about blogs?

Why haven’t they still been accepted by all those who are serious about succeeding in their business? And why is a website not enough?

The biggest difference between a blog and a website is mainly in the exchange of information.

Websites are contain static information. The web copy is created for informational and commercial purposes, and rarely changes. The information is mostly short and concise with no unnecessary fluff, and communication is exclusively one-way. In short, your basic website says: “Here’s who I am, what I do and how you can contact me.”

However, unlike websites, a blog is a unique form of dynamic two-way communication by informing and connecting on a more personal level. The topics you cover in your business blog will, ideally, speak to your customers. They will answer their questions, and then invite them to respond to what they’ve just read by leaving comments, thus creating a chance to ‘add value’, which is what business in the 21st century is all about.

And because a blog is dynamic it also helps improve your website’s SEO.

Content, content, content

The fact is that people are addicted to consuming content.

They use the internet and social networks, search and read what interests or attracts their attention, and comment and share with their friends and followers.

And writing a blog is a perfect way to provide quality, educational, informative and interesting content as well as providing added value that regularly, after some time, should see a return in the form of profits and increased sales.

Up-to-date content not only helps boost your website’s search engine optimisation, but it also attracts people to follow your, helps build trust and create a long-lasting relationship between an organization and its clients.

A blog is no longer a frivolous way of communicating. It has come a long way from simply a means of keeping an online diary to a respectable information and education platform.

Blogs are run by people of all profiles and different interests, and more and more businesses are embracing this form of communication and information sharing.

Keeping a business blog has many benefits:

  • The investment is not large, everyone can afford to open a business blog
  • Writing a blog is fun and doesn’t have to be an awkward obligation
  • A business blog doesn’t have to be completely serious. In fact, the more fun and relaxed it is, the more it will attract a larger audience with its style, and a larger audience means more potential customers or clients in the future.

In 2020, there is no excuse why every business, even a small one, should not have a business blog. There are only good reasons and if you adopt them, you can only profit over time.

Now I’d like to hear from you

Does your business have a blog? If not, why not?

Is it because you can’t see the potential benefits, or does the thought of writing a blog leave you cold?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Kook Content helps businesses, just like yours, publish regular blogs to improve their online presence. So, if you’d like help starting, or writing your business blog, get in touch today.

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